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Video of the week

Welcome to Video of the Week
  • Video of the week series
  • Two-year old singing Taylor Swift's "You Belong..."
  • Cutest kid rocking out
  • Three-year old genius
  • Ukulele ma-i-na-ku-ma-na



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Can you do the silly walk?

Let’s see those hopping skills!
What are you kids funny talents? Post videos of your kids singing their favorite song, doing their favorite dance, performing a special magic trick, or just being silly!

Everybody has those amusing funny moments of being a mom or dad

Get out the video camera and start rolling. Some of the funniest moments happen when you least expect it. We would love to see your content. The top five will be posted on our page. Your child will be so excited to see there video posted on the Fo-Fo Figgily website!

This Week’s Top Videos!:

  1. Emily Lilly’s “Hula Hoop Show”
  2. 2 Year old singing Taylor Swifts “You Belong with Me”
  3. Drake rocking out to Randy Houser’s “Boots On”
  4. Amazing 3 year old finger painter
  5. 3 Year playing a song on his Ukulele

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