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Welcome Parents

Dear Parents,

FoFoFiggily.com is a website that was designed as a place for kids to participate in interactive features and games in a safe, friendly environment. Our goal is to bring to life the world of The Fo Fo Figgily Show, so that the kids are not merely viewers but participants in that world: learning, creating, interacting and most of all, having fun.

While you can rest assured that all of the content on FoFoFiggily.com will be safe for viewing by kids of all ages, we encourage you to participate in the activities available on the site.

  • Meet the Tasktinkers glow
    Meet the Tasktinkers
  • Meet Fixle Bowstring glow
    Meet Fixle Bowstring
  • Meet Vivala Wee glow
    Meet Vivala Wee
  • Meet Fo-Fo Figgily glow
    Meet Fo-Fo Figgily
  • Meet Kendal Bootglow glow
    Meet Kendal Bootglow
  • Meet Logan glow
    Meet Logan
  • Meet Mr. Pinch glow
    Meet Mr. Pinch
  • Meet The Characters glow
    Meet The Characters
  • Meet Ernest Earthworm glow
    Meet Ernest Earthworm
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