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Meet the Cast

Logan, Fo Fo Figgily, Viva la Wee, the Task Tinkers, Kendal Bootglow, and Mr. Pinch are some of the personalities that create the limitless world of The Fo Fo Figgily Show.Mixing a blend of fantasy, physical fitness and learning into 30 minutes of healthy, exuberant fun, The Fo Fo Figgily Show is part fantasy, part fitness, part education, and one hundred percent Fo Fo Figgily fun!

    Meet Ernest EarthwormMeet Fixle Bowstring
    Meet Fo-Fo FiggilyMeet Kendal Bootglow
    Meet LoganMeet Mr. Pinch
    Meet the Task TinkersMeet Vivala Wee

    • Meet the Tasktinkers glow
      Meet the Tasktinkers
    • Meet Fixle Bowstring glow
      Meet Fixle Bowstring
    • Meet Vivala Wee glow
      Meet Vivala Wee
    • Meet Fo-Fo Figgily glow
      Meet Fo-Fo Figgily
    • Meet Kendal Bootglow glow
      Meet Kendal Bootglow
    • Meet Logan glow
      Meet Logan
    • Meet Mr. Pinch glow
      Meet Mr. Pinch
    • Meet The Characters glow
      Meet The Characters
    • Meet Ernest Earthworm glow
      Meet Ernest Earthworm
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