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Is a Pinata a Good Idea for Your Child’s Birthday Party?

One of the top requests that many kids have when planning their party is a pinata. Pinatas evoke images of showers of candy and bright, happy colors. If your child has ever attended a birthday party that featured a pinata, then he’s probably determined to have one for his own special day. Are pinatas good ideas, though? For the most part, pinatas are great additions to any birthday party. The trick is making sure that certain rules are followed so that everyone has a phenomenal time. You can learn a few basic tips about using pinatas at a child’s birthday party by reading on below.

Keep it Organized

The last thing that you should do is hang up a pinata and let the kids have at it. Ideally, a special area should be set aside for the pinata – and plenty of adults should be present in order to supervise the proceedings. Before starting the pinata festivities, let everyone know that the birthday child will get the first whack – after all, it is his special day. From there, let the smallest and youngest kids have turns. Organize the children so that the line moves along from smallest to largest; that way, the pinata will survive long enough for everyone to have turns.

Use Short Turns

Fairness is critical when it comes to children’s activities. That’s why you should definitely have a timer or a stopwatch handy when it’s time to use the pinata. Tell the children that each kid gets a certain amount of time – and that’s it. Make sure that the turns are very short; if each child gets too much time, the pinata won’t last long enough for everyone to have a chance.

Throw Out Some Candy

Plan ahead and make sure that a group of adults surrounds the group of kids who are hitting the pinata. The second that the pinata starts to break and candy starts to rain down, have each of the adults toss out handfuls of candy, too. That way, every child is guaranteed to collect a decent amount of candy – and no one gets left out of the fun!

Set Ground Rules

So that there’s not any confusion, make sure to go over the rules about the pinata with the children before setting them loose on it. Reiterate the fact that each child will have the same amount of time as everyone else. Explain to them that letting the little ones go first is the most fair way to go. Assure them all that everyone will receive a good amount of candy. As long as kids know what to expect, they shouldn’t erupt in anger or disappointment as the festivities go on.

Be Safe!

Nobody wants to get smacked in the head by an overzealous pinata-hitter. Make sure that everyone is standing a good way back from the child who is holding the bat. Remind the kids, too, that they need to avoid swinging the bat backwards. Otherwise, accidents could happen and the fun could be interrupted.

In general, pinatas are great additions to a children’s birthday party. Their colorful designs and piles of candy are always well received. Just make sure that you plan the event with care so that no hurt feelings arise – and so that everyone stays safe.

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