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Fun Winter-Themed Crafts

Wintertime presents many great opportunities for fun. When the weather’s right, the kids can while away plenty of hours out in the snow. Due to the short days and sometimes inclement weather – including subzero days and gusting wind – the kids sometimes have to spend entire days indoors. One great way to keep cabin fever at bay is giving them plenty of arts and crafts to do. There are hundreds of fantastic ideas out there when it comes to winter arts and crafts; a handful of the easiest and most entertaining examples are highlighted below!

Fleece Hats – During the winter, it’s important to keep your child’s head as warm as possible. Why not turn a necessity into a fun arts and crafts project? Fleece is relatively inexpensive; go to the crafts store and let your child choose a color that he loves. You don’t have to be a professional seamstress to produce a high-quality fleece hat. The best part is, it will always remind your child of having fun with their parent.

Sweater Mittens – After making sure that your child’s head is kept warm and dry, you shouldn’t overlook his hands. A child can never have too many gloves and mittens, which is why making a pair of mittens out of old sweaters is such a swell idea. After all, those old sweaters are just sitting there gathering dust – why not put them to good use? Track down all of the old, unused sweaters in your home and let your child pick the ones that he likes the best. In no time flat, he’ll have a comfy new pair of mittens!

Snowflakes – Everyone loves making decorative snowflakes to put up around the home. The great thing about making them is that they can be simple or elaborate. All you need to make basic snowflakes is some paper, a pair of scissors and some imagination. More elaborate snowflakes can be made using glitter and paint; you could even try your hand at making snowflake window clings! The sky really is the limit when it comes to arts and crafts snowflakes.

Homemade Christmas Cards – One thing that many people put off doing during the holiday season is sending Christmas cards. If you keep forgetting to pick up a pack of them at the store – or if you’d just like to send more personalized ones out this year – why not have your kids make them for you? The little ones will have a blast coming up with their own unique designs; they can create different styles for different friends and relatives, too.

Gingerbread Houses – Who doesn’t love putting together – and eating – a good gingerbread house? These days, you can buy ready-made kits at the store. However, making your own from scratch isn’t terribly difficult. A great shortcut is to use graham crackers, cake frosting and various kinds of candy. No matter how you go about it, your kids will rejoice in creating their very own gingerbread houses!

Sparkling Snow Dough – Play-dough is a staple in the home of any child. There are many topnotch homemade play-dough recipes that you can use to create white play-dough. Mix in some glitter to create sparkling white dough, then turn it into a series of cheerful snowmen. Winter fun doesn’t get much better than that!

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